‘We’re not halfway!’ Macron dismisses May’s Brexit bill offer and calls for AT LEAST £40bn

20 Oct

Britain’s impending exit will create a cash crisis for the European project, which is set to lose its second biggest net contributor at a time when few other countries can afford to take up the slack. 

EU budget chief Gunther Oettinger has estimated the bloc needs to make up around £10 billion a year just due to the UK leaving alone, saying that half of this should come from cuts and the other half from new contributions. 

However, few member states aside from Germany can currently afford to pump in the kind of cash required to plug the gap, whilst cutback are a political nightmare given they have to be agreed unanimously by the 27. 

On top of that some of the bloc’s wealthier nations, like Austria, the Netherlands and Switzerland, have all signalled strong opposition to paying a penny more into the budget after Brexit. 

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