We’ve got too many places of worship: Catholic church shuns 91-year-old Spanish monk’s cathedral that he spent his entire life building

30 Apr

He now lives in the unheated and open space that is his cathedral, tended to by Mr López, his wife and their two children.

“He won’t go to the doctor. He is old, that’s what’s wrong with him. We have dug his grave in the crypt,” says Mr López.

The authorities may not be knocking on Mr Gallego’s door, but there is a constant trickle of tourists at the site.

A TripAdvisor “Catedral de Justo Gallego” site has 111 comments.

Mr Gallego says he does not have much time for visitors who come to “gawp and flatter me” but do not help him.

A self-avowed virgin, Mr Gallego regularly admonishes women for entering without being fully covered.

“It’s true that the cathedral has made us famous all over the world,” says Ms Martín from Mejorada del Campo’s town council.

“We want to resolve all of the planning problems that come with it, but no one is prepared to lend a hand.”

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