What are Donald Trump’s achievements and failures in his first 100 days as president?

25 Apr

2. Drain the swamp

Mr Trump won the election in part by promising to do things differently, to shake up the existing order and to rid Washington of its cosy elite. But his administration of gazillionaires, generals and Goldman Sachs executives looks like the same old cronies. Even Steve Bannon, the former head of Breitbart News and the populist rabble rouser in the West Wing, is an alumnus of Goldman Sachs, the bank once condemned by Mr Trump for epitomising the close ties between Wall Street and politics.

3. Health care

Repealing and replacing Obamacare became one of Mr Trump’s signature campaign promises. But with what? Lacking a clear alternative, the president added his support to a Republican bill that made concessions to hardline conservatives but worried moderates who feared a voter revolt among the millions forecast to lose coverage. The result was a fiasco, as both sides dug in their heals. First Mr Trump tried brinkmanship, promising to force the bill to a vote, before his Congressional leadership withdrew it at the eleventh hour.

The failure exposed Mr Trump’s lack of political experience in negotiating support. And (barring a last-minute reversal) it means he reaches the 100-day mark without a major legislative success, other than bills that overturn elements of Mr Obama’s agenda.

4. Mike Flynn’s resignation

General Mike Flynn was forced to resign as National Security Adviser after only 24 days when it emerged he had misled the vice president about meetings he held with the Russian ambassador to Washington. To those who opposed the appointment of a such a fiery, quixotic military man with hardline views against Muslims, his departure confirmed their suspicions that some appointees to Mr Trump’s administration were not subject to sufficient vetting

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