Widower working to pay off wife’s debts killed 80-year-old in crash because night shifts made him so tired, court hears

17 Oct

A widower who went back to work to pay off debts from his wife’s business and funeral killed an 80-year-old in a car crash because his night shifts made him so tired, a court has heard. 

Arthur Yate, 69, had been suffering from severe fatigue due to working a week of night shifts at a supermarket to pay off £50,000 in debts – whilst doing errands in the day.

But he ignored pleas from his family to cut down on his shifts and was awake for up to 24 hours when it is feared he nodded off whilst driving to work at Sainsburys in Stockport, Greater Manchester.

His Citroen Picasso mowed down 80-year old Ian Whitworth who was walking over a pedestrian crossing after visiting his local pub. The victim whose wife was suffering from Alzheimers suffered fatal injuries and died in hospital an hour later.

Yate sped off and tried to cover up his involvement in the tragedy by lying about damage to his car – and even tried to claim her thought a stone had hit the vehicle. But his car was traced due to CCTV and Mr Whitworth’s DNA was found on the bodywork.

Inquiries revealed Yate of Stockport had nine points on his driving licence after clocking up offences of speeding and jumping a red light.

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