You can CANCEL BREXIT: Donald Tusk sparks OUTRAGE as he claims Brexit can be STOPPED

24 Oct

However, Theresa May’s Government hit back insisting Brexit was still going to happen.

Responding to Mr Tusk’s remarks, the PM’s spokesman said: “Brexit is not going to be reversed.”

Many UK citizens were left angry by the Eurocrat’s comments.

Mark J wrote: “Sorry Donald Tusk. You made Denmark vote again. You made Ireland vote again.

“But you won’t get away with it with the UK.”

Huw Gruffydd added: “Donald Tusk tells UK: You can still stop Brexit. We want to leave! Why hasn’t it already happened?”

And Astro Trader said: “We owe you nothing. Au Revoir!”

And Ukip leader Henry Bolton wrote: “So there it is. Brussels sees #Brexit in terms of a contest not cooperation. #UKIP #OutNow”

Also in today’s speech Mr Tusk hit out at Britain for rejecting the “sacrifices” he had offered when David Cameron was prime minister.

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